As collectors of vintage furniture, we spend many of our weekends knee-deep in flea markets and estate sales. As much as I don’t mind getting a little dirty and digging through piles of crap  for amazing pieces, sometimes I need a break from the chaos. I made J promise that at least a couple times a month, we will spend a day at one of Boston’s local museums. Not only will I get the respite of white walls and organized displays for a while but as a designer it’s nice to check out some more traditional sources of inspiration.

We started this weekend at one of my favorites, the Harvard Museum of Natural History. It always feels like walking into a different era. The taxidermy is a bit old and crumbling but displayed in beautiful wood and glass cases and labeled with hand-penciled tags.

I grabbed a few photos (Iphone – not high-quality) of animals or objects that I loved for color, texture or shape inspiration. I actually believe the words “Wow, I really like the colorway on this bug!” made it past my lips. Sorry Nature, I’m kind of an ass.