I wanted to start writing about the things that we love because honestly, smugly high-fiving each other alone in our apartment over another piece of furniture is getting sort of embarrassing.

I am an apparel designer by way of a Sociology degree, which I am told ends up making a lot of sense. I feel that good design isn’t necessarily the same thing as ‘art’…it’s actually a lot more fun.

When I’m not being a pretentious ass, I enjoy good cocktails followed by being a pretentious ass even louder.


Wow, another design blog.  The idea originally made me cringe slightly. Visions of art school conversations back in the 90s, where I did my best to avoid the neurotic undertones and cliches of my chosen career path, made me question the need for another internet opinion.  Especially from a 30-something posing with his hand under his chin like that.

That said R and I figured we could share the thoughts we had with one another, and exercise some design demons in the process. The cats have begun to walk away mid-sentence these days, so we thought perhaps we would try a new venue.

I have always been a highly visual person. A RISD illustration major who eventually sold himself into the product design world. I travel quite a bit for work and have gained my most cherished lessons from living in places like Tokyo and Hong Kong during my 20 year tenure in footwear design.  Sadly I struggle to find time to paint, and will look embarrassed if you ever bring it up in conversation. I have gathered more than a couple salty opinions, and will most likely argue with you about why Depeche Mode is the best music to drive to.

No really , it is.